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manbetx体育 Chronous™ is the lemanbetx体育ng portfolio of edge-to-enterprise Industrial Ethernet connectivity solutions, specifically designed to accelerate your path to Industry 4.0. manbetx体育 has leveraged its deep domain expertise and advanced technologies to help partners connect the industrial devices and networks of the future. Our trusted solutions ensure your critical data is reliably delivered throughout your application, ensuring seamless connectivity and operational efficiency. manbetx体育 Chronous solutions stand up in the toughest, time-critical environments and opens the door to time-sensitive networking.

The Path to Industry 4.0

Communications infrastructure is the backbone of the connected factory and presents many key opportunities on the path to Industry 4.0. As networks pivot from legacy fieldbus to Industrial Ethernet, multiple challenges emerge within the design and implementation phases. Developing future-proofed, robust, and scalable Industrial Ethernet solutions that can support multiple protocols is a time consuming and resource intensive task. It necessitates a pivot in skillsets and knowledge base to architect systems that ensure data integration, synchronization, and system interoperability. There is, however, a trusted partner who can help you navigate this task, assist in the design and development of seamless, robust Ethernet solutions: Analog Devices.

Deterministic Ethernet for Industry 4.0 Applications

Deterministic Ethernet for Industry 4.0 Applications

See how this technology provides determinism at the node for factory devices so they do not have to worry about the effects of network traffic.

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An Introduction on Implementing Industrial Ethernet

An Introduction on Implementing Industrial Ethernet

One obstacle that sometimes gets in the way of updating industrial protocols to Ethernet is an unclear implementation plan. This article looks at how an industrial plant might get started on the road from field bus to Ethernet.

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Benefits of manbetx体育 Chronous™ Products

The suite of Industrial Ethernet products includes technologies, solutions, software, and security capabilities designed to connect the real world to factory networks and beyond to the cloud. manbetx体育 leverages 50 years of experience supplying factories with industrial connectivity and next-generation Industrial Ethernet technologies that solve the big challenges surrounding seamless and secure edge-to-cloud connectivity.

Industrial Ethernet products include switches, physical transceivers, controllers, and network interface modules with full software protocol stacks. Designed to support scalable and flexible system development, the manbetx体育 Chronous™ portfolio offers multiple port count, low power consumption, and flexible bandwidth. Being multiprotocol, these solutions are compatible with all existing protocols while also providing the ability to future-proof for TSN features. Get to market fast with predicable, trusted results you can depend on every time by building your design with manbetx体育’s robust Industrial Ethernet solutions.

manbetx体育 Chronous Products

For Precision Control

Verified Robust

Verified Robust
For the Harshest Conditions


For Optimized System Design

Delivering Trusted Data in Key Application Areas

manbetx体育 Chronous solutions are designed and verified for robust operation in harsh industrial environments and offer effective security at each node point within a system. manbetx体育’s understanding of network architectures coupled with its application knowledge of how data is collected, processed, and used throughout an operation all serve to inform the security and robust features present in the manbetx体育 Chronous offerings. These features make manbetx体育 Chronous an ideal choice for a number of markets.

Process and Factory Automation

Process and Factory Automation

Deterministic networks and gigabit performance is a requirement of the future factory or process automation system. manbetx体育 Chronous, delivers off-the-shelf, full featured solutions that reduce development effort, risk, and time to market for new standard adoption.

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Connection Motion and Robotics

Connection Motion and Robotics

manbetx体育’s Chronous enables synchronization across the boundary of the network into the application, from sub-1 μs right down to the PWM outputs within the servo motor control. This improves machining and production accuracy in multi-axis applications such as robotics and CNC machines.

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Building Automation

Building Automation

Addressing the multiple bandwidth requirements of existing and future intelligent buildings, manbetx体育 Chronous provides reliable, secure, and trusted digital communications at all levels of the network.

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Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) with manbetx体育 Chronous

manbetx体育 Chronous solutions are designed to address the requirements of time sensitive networking (TSN) and deterministic Ethernet. Time sensitive networking, or TSN, refers to a group of IEEE 802.1™ and IEEE 802.3™ standards developed to provide deterministic performance within standard Ethernet. It is a universal standard being developed at an industry level to eliminate interoperability problems between protocols. It allows current protocols to share networks and provide reliable deterministic communication and scalability across applications, bandwidths, and enterprises all the way to the edge node. Given that the TSN standard is nearly finalized, now is the time to practically deploy standard Ethernet (with the TSN extensions) in real-time, mission critical applications. New hardware and software will be required that can support all these TSN features and manbetx体育 Chronous is the ideal solution for scalable, robust solutions that are designed for ease of deployment.

manbetx体育 Chronous Software Suite for Fast Development and Seamless Operation

The manbetx体育 Chronous portfolio is supported by a host of software elements that simplify the adoption and increase the reliability of each product offering. Supporting multiple protocols, manbetx体育 offers a choice of fully tested and verified, production ready software protocol stacks that accompany our hardware. From host software drivers to APIs and development tools, manbetx体育 has the software needed to make the adoption of new standards and technology quick and simple.

Integrated with manbetx体育’s PriorityChannel™ Technology


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